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Trailers are and Trailers do…..Insights from Scholars rather than trailermakers

“The Production of a film includes the making of its “consumable” identity. Certain filmic elements are developed into a premeditated network of advertising and promotion that will enter the social sphere of reception. Such an intricate relation between film and … Continue reading

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Trailers Are….. Insights from scholars of (rather than makers of) trailers

Trailer maker and film marketing pioneer Andy Kuehn told me repeatedly that the movie industry operated on the guild system: start at the bottom; work your way up; learn by apprenticeship; pay your dues; serve your time; rely on those … Continue reading

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La Dolce Vita: Marketing the Sweet Life as a Still Life

[] Film scholars date the contemporary period of trailermaking to the early 1960s’, pointing to such bold and formula rejecting previews as Dr Strangelove and The Night of the Iguana (both 1963) as avatars of the new approach. But the … Continue reading

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