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ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER: Attitude is everything in a genre-bending trailer

Cowboys and Aliens was a B.O. dud, unable to overcome the incongruity factor, possibly because the hybrid generic seam it mined was at once so rich and yet so poorly exploited. You could tell from the trailer–and the audience reaction–that … Continue reading

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THE AVENGERS: IGN Rewind Dissects the Trailer for fun, fans, profit and promotion

Recently I wrote about trailers for trailers, using Prometheus as my example. One of my small, but devoted readers sent me a link to full page advertisement that 20th Century Fox purchased in UK newspapers announcing the release of its … Continue reading

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WIZARDS: A trailer for Ralph Bakshi's "ultimate futuristic fantasy epic"

Despite distribution by Hollywood powerhouse 20th Century-Fox, Wizards, the third feature-length film by animator/auteur Ralph Bakshi’s, performed poorly at the mainstream box office although it quickly became a underground phenomenon. This can be attributed in part to the film’s atypical … Continue reading

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