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The Pink Panther: Voyeristic Pleasures In a Gem of a Trailer (Part II)

As promised at the end of my last post, an attempt to answer the critical question: Who do the trailermakers think they’re addressing and what is it they think we want from our entertainment?. First, we notice that the trailer … Continue reading

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At the risk of offering an obvious observation, let me start by remarking that whether a film is conceived as a commercial entertainment or a work of cinematic art, finding an audience—finding the right audience—is a critical component of the … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising: Contagion and the Value of a Tell-All Trailer

A recent New York Times Opinion piece by the epidemiologist who consulted on the film CONTAGION, to ensure that the story was compatible with the science, makes a number of interesting observations about Hollywood representation and public health policy while … Continue reading

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