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WANDERER ABOVE THE CLOUDS: Does this pose look familiar?

At, an online journal about sci-fi and fantasy culture, featuring writing on books, games, movies and art, there’s a fascinating article about an 19th Century Painting, that appears to be the model/inspiration for much movie poster key-art design. Read about David Friedrich‘s WANDERER ABOVE THE FOG Romantic painting from 1818 here.

Over at the NEW YORKER, in the Trailer Trash blog on the Culture Desk, film critic and historian Ian Crouch laments the over-exploitation of a certain sound cue, one I’ve been noticing ever since Inception. He’s relentless in tracking down uses (valid and less so) of the synthesized, ominous fog-horn sound he transliterates as “duhhhhn”. Check it out here.

Speaking of Mr. Crouch, he was recently interviewed by Scott Simon, NPR’s Weekend Edition host. The notorious “Duhhhn” is pilloried and some trailer history and conventions are discussed. Read the transcript, or listen to the interview.

All just further proof that people not only love movie marketing, they love to read about and talk about movie marketing. Join me!

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