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Meta comments about trailers and introductions to my approach and methodolody

Working in the World of Propaganda: Creel, Lippmann & Bernays

[ Below, I’ve excerpted a section from my recent paper on early trailers and discourses of social control. This section considers the theoretical and practical writings about a/v entertainments (film) and their marketing (trailers, etc.) by three of the most … Continue reading

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BOOK TRAILERS: Selling Words with Images Part I of ?

I’ve blogged before in this space about book trailers as an extension of the “preview of coming attraction” phenomenon into the world of publishing. Book trailers, as I’m frequently asked, are pretty much like what you’d think they’d be: audio-visual … Continue reading

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“HANDS UP” (1918) – The very first promo trailer pioneers motion picture B to B communications

Researching early trailers at UCLA’s Powell Library, I came across 2 versions of a promo trailer for “Hands Up!“, a 15 part 1918 serial starring Ruth Roland and George Chesebro.* Rather than a traditional trailer– a communication between the film’s … Continue reading

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