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TRAILERS GONE WIRED: A multi-part series explores the creative industry of movie marketing today!

[Wired Magazine’s choice of the Greatest Trailer EVER!] Friends keep sending me links to Wired Magazine‘s recent informative, entertaining, extensive and well-researched series of articles on the state of the movie trailer industry today. I’m gratified to see many of … Continue reading

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SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN TEASER: From a Marketing Perspective, Perhaps the Evil Queen is Fairest

The teaser trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was released in November 2011, one week before the Kristen Stewart/ Bella Swan madness reached its peak with the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. And yet, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and … Continue reading

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PROMETHEUS TRAILER DEBUT ANNOUNCEMENT Is this the newest thing? Is this a good thing, and if so, where does it end? In today’s post, I want to discuss trailers having trailers. Perhaps I’m late to the party and it’s been … Continue reading

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