Who makes trailers?

As films, trailers are typically the result of a collaborative effort by a creative team with different, often overlapping skills and expertise. As a marketing tool, they are likewise the product of a group effort.

At the core, trailer making require editing skill and marketing acumen. Below, I’ve listed all the people who might be involved in the development and production of a trailer for even a modestly budgeted studio release. Some take a year to perfect and require the services of several boutiques and dozens of employees; Others are executed in a matter of days. Bear in mind that every film is unique; so is every trailer and marketing campaign. There are trailer boutiques of 100+ and there are one person operations.

Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Music Supervisor / Sound Librarian
Market Researcher
Voice Over Artist
Film Producer
Film Director
Film Editor
Studio Head

See www.goldentrailers.com for a current list of trailer boutiques and their industry peers, the print advertising boutiques who create the films graphic identity.

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