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THE BODYGUARD (1992) TRAILER — The Music Is the Message

After Whitney’s tragic death, I found myself watching Youtube videos of her live performance, mourning as well the prior destruction of that sublime instrument, her voice. I decided to blog about the trailer for THE BODYGUARD, a 1992 blockbuster that’s … Continue reading

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PINA: A Gorgeous Trailer Analyzed and Explained(?)

From the few glimpses of her work seen in Pedro Almodovar’s films and what I’ve read in newspapers and reviews, I’ve become a fan of the German avant-garde choreographer, Pina Bausch. I still haven’t seen the Oscar Nominated 3-D documentary … Continue reading

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DISCONTINUITY EDITING: Emotional Experience vs. Interpretive Challenge–a reader replies

[I reprint with permission, an email response to my recent post on editing, received from an Italian academic, working in Germany, who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know because of our shared interest in trailers.] A PROMO/TV TRAILER … Continue reading

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