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Working in the World of Propaganda: Creel, Lippmann & Bernays

[ Below, I’ve excerpted a section from my recent paper on early trailers and discourses of social control. This section considers the theoretical and practical writings about a/v entertainments (film) and their marketing (trailers, etc.) by three of the most … Continue reading

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“HANDS UP” (1918) – The very first promo trailer pioneers motion picture B to B communications

Researching early trailers at UCLA’s Powell Library, I came across 2 versions of a promo trailer for “Hands Up!“, a 15 part 1918 serial starring Ruth Roland and George Chesebro.* Rather than a traditional trailer– a communication between the film’s … Continue reading

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A Talkative First Talking Trailer: Vitaphone and The Jazz Singer

  [EXCERPTED from Keith Johnston’s: “Coming Soon: Film Trailers and the Selling of Hollywood Technology,” (MacFarland, 2009)  pp 18-20, by permission of the Author.] “Ladies and gentleman, I am privileged to say a few words to you in this most … Continue reading

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